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Temple Of The Lost Wisdom
(Memento Mori)

Erun-Dagoth (aka Javier Sixto) is the man behind DEPRIVE, a Spanish one man Death Metal band with two demo tapes and two albums, with "Temple Of The Lost Wisdom" being the sophomore effort so far. And behind this release is the also Spanish label Memento Mori, which has been putting out great releases one after the other lately. Luckily, DEPRIVE is no exception to their catalog. Curiously enough, Erun-Dagoth is also member of other (one man) bands covering different Metal styles, mainly Celtic and Pagan Black Metal. Given such a background, I was actually expecting some blackened Death Metal from DEPRIVE. But I was wrong. "Temple Of The Lost Wisdom" has that murky and dense atmosphere that immediately reminded me of ASPHYX and AUTOPSY. So yes, this is pure Death Metal. Although there are fast parts scattered around to keep everything interesting, the mid to down pace sets in as the album progresses. The songs showcase enough identity and variation so not to loose its grip around your throat. The vocals may sound a little one dimensional from time to time but it doesn't matter in the end, as they become an integral part of the listening experience. The eerie guitar melodies and harmonies go hand in hand with all the catchy riffs and specially, the slow ones. I personally think that this is the department in which DEPRIVE excels. The down-tempo parts are really heavy and absolutely brutal! Songs such as 'A Mournful Prophecy', 'Doomed Tears Of Humanity' and 'Incarnation Of The Macabre' (which are also my favorites) showcase a great taste in Death / Doom Metal writing. And all I can say is that Erun-Dagoth has crafted a fine album. Production wise, the guitar tone suits the music perfectly with a tad of "the other" NWOSDM influence (IE HYPOCRISY, EDGE OF SANITY etc). A present, thick bass complements the guitars really good. And the drums (which, if I am not mistaken, are programmed) have a distinctive punch to them. The overall sound is organic yet not forced or pushed to sound "old school". The mix is balanced and every instrument has its place. So in my humble opinion, if you are a respected Death / Doom Metal fan, DEPRIVE's "Temple Of The Lost Wisdom" is a must have in your collection. Their official FB page is here: Or you can get their CD via their label here:

Alfonso Perez

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