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Goddess Of Death
(Necroharmonic Productions)

I usually like those demo / rehearsal / EP compilations including the entire discography of old and / or forgotten / underrated bands. And so I was quite excited when I heard that Roy from Necroharmonic was planning this DERKETA CD including an official rehearsal, the "The Unholy Ground" demo from 1990, the "Premature Burial" EP from 1991 and the "Begotten Son" EP from 1999. But in this case when I finally got the result in my hands it was a little bit of a disappointment. Although the recordings on this compilation are from different time periods they are all on the same level concerning the song writing abilities. And I have to admit that this is not a very high level. Yes of course, I know the oldest songs are from the late 80s and I have this in mind while listening to this CD but I also know that back then there were many bands that created more mature, more interesting and more ass-kicking Death Metal. It's strange cause I was familiar with the demo and the "Premature Burial" EP and I liked that stuff in the past. But I have to admit that I didn't listen to it for a long time and nowadays the DERKETA stuff really doesn't move me anymore. In my humble opinion this is rather uninspired, emotionless and totally unspectacular simple structured old school Death Metal with very poor and powerless sounding vocals. Don't get me wrong I love old fashioned Death Metal and I really love bands such as FUNERUS, FUNEBRARUM, EVISCIUM and of course old heroes such as ROTTREVORE, MORPHEUS DESCENDS, NUNSLAUGHTER, MYTHIC, GOREAPHOBIA, DR. SHRINKER but the material on "Goddess Of Death" bores me to death. Sad but true... Surprisingly the new songs are the weakest, the recordings from 1999 totally lack of any remarkable ideas, cool riffing or whatever. To be honest I'm not too curious for the announced DERKETA debut full-length "In Death We Meet", especially because of the rather poor new songs. Maybe I'm not the perfect person to review this CD and I can't blame the band for jumping on any wagon nor having the wrong attitude. This is pure and raw underground Death Metal without any trend or wimp influences and probably my words are way too harsh but DERKETA has not been able to show me their qualities. Label contact:


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