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At The Edge Of Sanity

From LA, California, has always come a countless amount of funky sounding Metal bands over the years - and this 4-piece act DESECRATE hasn't rung my bells before. The fact, however is, they have been around more than 10 years by now, released one EP and a couple of full-length albums on their own. The band's latest 2nd album, carrying the title "At The Edge Of Sanity", is actually a double CD affair, the 1st CD containing of nearly 70 minutes music, while the disc number 2, is named as "Making Of DVD". Progressive Speed and Thrash Metal is the name of the game here that also crosses the borders of classic Heavy Metal every once in a while, adding definitely more spices into the band's already tastefully and skillfully played mix of Metal styles. At first listen, if some constructive criticism is allowed, the biggest contrast seems to come both from Nick's clean-sung vocals and grunt-ish, modern Metalcore type of vocalism on the record. In my sincere opinion, I would leave those modern, 'Metalcor-ish' completely away, and concentrated more on shaping up those clean-sung vocal parts in the band's music instead. And I don't know know if it's just my ears or something else, but sometimes Nick sounds like he would have sung some of his vocals parts in for this record after catching a flu. Just an honest observation - and then again, a bit more aggressive style would fit them better vocal wise because the stuff they do on the disc, is pretty hostile sounding after all. All the instrumentation that is present on the album, has been done with a careful yet very skillful ear; the band's progressive Speed / Thrash Metal flows nicely for the most part. All soloing on "At The Edge Of Sanity", is thorough professionally done, plus technically all the musicians in DESECRATE prove to throw us quite virtuoso performances. I wouldn't mind though if they paid a bit more attention to the length of their next release simply because nearly 70 minutes of this stuff is a bit too much to swallow just at one bite. Fitting their songs in between 45-50 minutes would undoubtedly serve them a bit better in terms of getting noticed and heard, I believe. Lastly, there's also this extra "Making Of DVD" in the same package but unfortunately I cannot say one word about the content of it as my DVD player doesn't accept any DVDs at the moment (sorry). Well, perhaps one can get some sort of a hint from the actual title of the DVD what comes to its content itself (you have some imagination, don't you?)? But nonetheless, I gotta admit that I did enjoy this band quite a bit, and am already looking forward to hearing where they might go from here. Band contact:

Luxi Lahtinen

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