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Cemetery Sickness
(Metal Age Productions)

Sometimes life is stranger than any movie or novel. There are about 20 bands named DESECRATION (with such a name most bands are of course into Death, Black and Thrash Metal or Grindcore) and the number of reviews on the VOICES website is: zero. Unbelievable. So DESECRATION from Wales are the first DESECRATION which got reviewed for VOICES. The band is active for 22 years, their first demo was released anno 1993. From that point on the band constantly released stuff, so we have four demo tapes, one best-of tape, eight full-length albums, one live album, one vinyl single and one split 7”. Accordingly the band caused quite an uproar respectively scandal, because 1995 the debut “Gore And Perversion” was seized by local authorities due to the lyrics and the cover artwork. Even the master tapes were destroyed. But for some strange reason I have never ever heard something from the band or at least got any news about them. So the band is completely unknown to me, I guess same goes for the most readers. And, on top of all, the climax so to say, I feel that I have missed something. “Cemetery Sickness” is one hell of a Death Metal album. One can not teach an old dog new tricks, so I guess the guys are just playing the style they always cultivated throughout the years. It is a rather unpolished and raw approach to Death Metal. The music is completely stripped of any redundant aspects like melody, technical finesses or other dispensable influences like clean vocals, keyboards and suchlike. In fact, the decent listener will not not even discover any guitar solos. Just simple Death Metal riffing combined with pulsating bass and fast drumming. Due to the interspersed blast-beat attacks the music sometimes tips over into Grindcore. Especially when the grunts turn into shrieks. So if you like both Death Metal and Grindcore you will definitely like this kind of music. All others take care, because “Cemetery Sickness” is not suitable for fair weather players or “Schönwetterspieler” like the Germans use to say.,,

Mirco Szymyslik

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