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Subconscious Release
(Mosh Tuneage)

As far as I am concerned the debut of British Death Metal masters DESECRATOR is a little underground gem. At least in my humble opinion. This band might be unkown to most of the people out there as "Subconscious Release" got lost somehow in 1991 in the glut of early 90s Death Metal releases. One factor was maybe their small label R.K.T. Records, but who knows? I never expected to see this album ever on CD but thanx to the guys of Mosh Tunage (sub label of Boss Tunage) to make this one finally happen. The longplayer was released in a small pressing on vinyl only and I don't need to tell you that it's quite rare these days. The first impression which will catch your attention is the great Dan Seagrave cover artwork. The typical dark, futuristic drawing reminds me on all the great works he did for many Earache Death Metal artists. Musically wise this trio delivers a real heavy dose of crushing old school Metal of Death. Think of a cool blend of AUTOPSY type Metal mixed with less technical DEATH, hints of typical Swedish sound plus a little bit doomy PARADISE LOST ("Lost Paradise" era). Especially the production is quite close to products we all know from the Sunlight studio, maybe a little less raw than the stuff from our Swedish fellows. The seven original album tracks (a small mistake appears on the traycard as 'Insult To Intelligence' and 'Deadline' are mentioned as seperated songs but on the disc they are just one - like on the original album) have a lot of nice catchy riffs - and they are crushing and abrasive with a lot of groove. The drum work is solid using thrashing drum patterns as well and some pounding double-kicks. Remarkable is also the good audible bass guitar. Most of the songs are ranged in the mid paced department with some additonal speed sections. The voice of Mike Ford has some AUTOPSY flair, not a blueprint copy but similiar. The re-release was beefed up with four additional tracks from a 1992 unreleased demo and features all lyrics from "Subconscious Release". Too bad some liner line notes are missing. It would have been interesting to hear some comments from the musicians themselves. Anyway, all in all an excellent reissue which brings some memories back to me and hopefully to all those who missed this one as well. Even DESECRATOR went as fast as they arrived and weren't maybe that outstanding but their contribute to the underground is much more than solid and stood the test of time. All interested Death bangers should get in touch with the label at to save a copy before it's too late again.

Michael Oelschlegel

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