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Stoic Death
(Xtreem Music)

I have a blurry remembrance from my time in high school, when we got taught 'bout Darwin's theory of evolution. Well, I don't wanna bother anyone of you with boring anecdotes from my biology class, but if we take a longer and in-depth look at a band like DESECRESY, we could consider their musical development as some kind of natural evolution. What once started as kinda copycats of Finnish Death Metal history and what for sure earned them a deal with Spanish Xtreem Music, evolved from one release to the next one. So with their already fourth full-length "Stoic Death", DESECRESY anno 2015 seems to have finally found their very own unique sound, nevertheless they don't relinquish the classical trademarks. Those Finns feel very comfortable within the moderate paced section and both the guitar riffing and the way of drumming forces comparisons to late BOLT THROWER. Yet DESECRESY have something more opaque and mesmerizing to offer. They sprinkle hypnotic, repetitive leads into their songs, which stands in total contrast to the buzzing guitars and the deep growls, but the outcome is just brilliant. Imagine dark Death Metal paired with those trancelike sounds, Postrock / Ambient bands are quite famous for and "Stoic Death" being the result. 'Cantillate In Ages Agone' is just one example and could have even been written by a band like AMENRA in my humble opinion. Or simply listen to this echoing guitars at the end of one of the best songs on this Album, 'Funeral Odyssey', just brilliant. And just when you are enchanted by these frail soundscapes, you got overrun by a British tank again. The UK war masters are present in each of the eight (de)compositions. DESECRESY accomplished their mission of pushing the boundaries of classical, morbid and gloomy Finnish Death Metal and conquers new frontiers with their very own interpretation of simple, sinister yet sophisticated musical art. Together with their country mates in KRYPTS and CORPSESSED, this is the new wave and future of Finnish Death Metal and those old warhorses like PURTENANCE and CONVULSE should be aware because despite the title this release is everything but stoic. I could listen to it for hours, but unfortunately, after about 35minutes the journey through the dark ends way too early. But since most players are blessed with a repeat button, even this problem is fixed in no time. 'Unantropomorh' is a more than dignified ending for a well-made and profound album that grows with each listen. Should appeal to those who could dream away and free their minds to the sounds of simple, but atmospheric, doomed Death Metal par excellence. Check out or for further information and don't you dare to miss out on this!

Carsten Lomme

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