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The Doom Skeptron
(Xtreem Music)

The 2-man unit - Jarno Nurmi on vocals and Tommi Grönqvist on guitar, bass and drums - the guys who have previously well earned their spurs in some Finnish Thrash and Death metal groups, have pretty much found a perfect chemistry together in a new Death Metal outfit called DESECRESY. The guys' debut full-length studio effort, "Arches Of Entropy", which came out 2 years ago - also on the Spanish Xtreem Music, was already quite a beast in itself but I must admit it pales in front of DESECRESY's 2nd album, titled "The Doom Skeptron", which really hits the bull's eye as far as its song material on it is concerned. Jarno and Timo basically bring things back to the very roots of Finnish Death Metal - how it sounded like in its most recognizable and distinct form, sort of separating the famous Finnish Death Metal sound from the rest of the pack for its own advantage. I mean, that all-around frost-cold, haunting, oppressive and rotting smelling Death Metal was something that only the Finns seemed to do the best back in the day - and that's exactly what DESECRESY have also accomplished on their follow-up record, in such in a beautiful yet convincing way. It would be very easy to throw some positive reeking superlatives high in the air, just to express my undivided and pure enthusiasm about this release but then again I doubt it would hardly serve anyone's interest that much and properly enough as it should in the first place. Let me say this however instead. DESECRESY have found a somewhat perfect way to bring us the very best of the ancient Finnish Death Metal sound on "The Doom Skeptron", in which one is able to hear a thing from here and there, nicely shaping their sound around on those eerie, murky and corpse-heavy grounds of the disbanded ABHORRENCE, FUNEBRE, UNHOLY, RIPPIKOULU and the likes; those specific Finnish bands that made you hold your breath in sheer amazement whenever you listened to them. That's what "The Doom Spectron" does for its listeners at best - and I for one know, I am forever sold for DESECRESY's spine-chilling sound of true and ancient Finnish Death Metal. Bril-fuckin'-liant!!! More about these Finnish torch bearers for desolate and ancient sounding Death Metal at:,

Luxi Lahtinen

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