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Wreck The Silence
(Twilight Zone Records)

I was wondering what is the role of a reviewer nowadays. In the heydays of Metal rising, the reviews, the fanzines, were a very important issue. You just get to "synchronize" with a reviewer / fanzine and use it as a guide to buy / get material. That was it. Remember, there was no internet then. Nowadays, although it might seem weird, it is also an important task. Why? We have things like Myspace and stuff like that... Well, because we are flooded with quantity and really few quality (no matter how well it sounds due to computer use, a mediocre band will always stay mediocre). And now that we have this download thing, well, really for buying the physical thing you must be really getting something worthy. When listening to this German quintet, and listening to the first riffs, the vocals and the production, I was like throwing my laptop out in anger... it sounded to me like Metalcore in the first seconds... but then I decided to give it another chance, probably I was wrong...I also got some information on the band... When nowadays I listen to the word "Thrash" I just feel tired... 20 years ago I would be jumping in joy for listening to a new band and with more passion if it was a Speed or Thrash Metal band. I was supposed to be one of the fans blessed by the latest "revival" of Thrash Metal. But, no, I have been longing those elder days more and more. Not that I am an old headbanger only thinking that "back then in '88 when SLAYER was..." nah. Just give me some honest fast and controversial music with attitude and I will be fine. Well, that's what is missing from most new "Thrash" bands nowadays (and do not get me started with other genres...) the attitude. DESILENCE plays a Speed / Thrash Metal reminiscent of most 80s Thrash Metal bands, more ilike ANTHRAX, METALLICA, FORIBIDDEN and... well, you get the idea. In fact it was early DEFIANCE it was more reminiscent of. They have more screamy vocals, and I must add that there is an interesting rhythm section. But at times, way too many, this does sound to that dreadful Metalcore. Yeah, you know that angry Hardcore-like vocals, with fast drums, melodic riffs enriched by a heavy as mammoth production, and the usual stop-start jump-now riffs. In subsequent hearings, I can appreciate the Speed / Thrash Metal roots a bit more and there are some interesting parts. It does at time invoke things that I used to listen in the late 80s, specially the American way of Thrash (weird this being a German band... he he). One song I think stands from all of them in the sign of 'Initiation' which sounds a lot like NEVERMORE... so, this is getting more confusing. Now the band does play above average Speed / Thrash (although flawlessly executed) but when they go into a more progressive / traditional Metal style, they shine, and let me tell you the vocalist here shows alot of promise, he even reminds me of Marcolinni in some parts, when he uses his more "clear" voice. Some twenty years ago, I would have been one of the first in line to get this album... but nowadays; I will just stand as a watcher, hopefully waiting for them to follow more in the NEVERMORE style and forget about the generic Thrash (where more than a dozen newer bands can kick their asses), and hoping the vocalist realizes that growling he sounds damn generic and that he can sing. Now, I am one of the few people that seem to enjoy covers. Any day a good cover, makes my day, but...a GENESIS cover? Oh, my... whatever. This is one of those bands that I would recommend to first listen and then decide. Hopefully they one day will give us a surprise, as the potential is there.,

Julián Núńez

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