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Conspiracy Of Torture
(Here After Productions)

One-man Death Metal act from Finland named DESPONDENT SOUL, run solely by S.J., has got his first positively rotten fruit out titled "Conspiracy Of Torture"; an 8-track affair that pretty much counts on some of those vital yet important ingredients that make old school Death Metal in particular, such a lovable form of music among the extreme Metal community. Having heard "Conspiracy Of Soul" now for a few times in a row, it can be said that Mr. S.J. surely has some respect for that old school Death Metal scene - and specifically a great deal of respect towards such bands like IMMOLATION, INCANTATION, ADRAMELECH, DEMILICH and the likes. You know, those bands that have this a bit darker and more eerie twist of old school Death Metal incorporated into their early sounds. DESPONDENT SOUL's murky journey has been created around these elements that the aforementioned cult Death Metal acts have become known for on their earlier demos / albums over the years - and it can be said DESPONDENT SOUL manages even to convince most of us how well and naturally this mercilessly sounding Death Metal unit is able to capture and lock exactly the right vibe and feeling of the past days into this 8-song opus. S.J. also proves that he's personally a devoted fan and a longtime consumer of the whole old school Death Metal genre; so passionately and such a dedicated way he churns out this stuff on "Conspiracy Of Torture" that one feels an urgent need to take a hat off for his achievements on this recording really. Using a computer in the recording for creating bass and drum tracks especially, naturally takes off some of the most thrilling excitement and charm out of the final listening experience - just to be a 100% dedication to the old school Death Metal. But then again, being just a one-man unit you only have only a limited amount of resources and capabilities in use for making everything by yourself, so make your best out of what you have got. In that light "Conspiracy Of Soul" is a somewhat decent release - and definitely something worth checking out for the old school Death Metal fans especially. More about DESPONDENT SOUL at:,

Luxi Lahtinen

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