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Synthetic Existence
(Adipocere Records)

DESTINITY have slightly changed their musical approach since their previous effort. But having done so, they give the unfortunate impression they still look for their own style. If I mentioned some epic Black Metal influences before, this judgement is not valid anymore. Indeed (and maybe because it is the fact that "Synthetic Existence" was recorded in a Danish studio), the final result sounds very Scandinavian this time. The major problem of this type of record lies in the fact that the music on offer resemble to nothing yet without creating an original style. "Synthetic Existence" is precisely very synthetic sounding. This is not Death Metal, nor Black Metal, nor Power Metal, in the end it is nothing because, to tell it simply, these guys don't have a clear vision of what they want to achieve. So they obviously got together every titbits of idea they could fetch here and there in order to come out with some tracks hastily composed. With a title like that, you can guess that some futuristic samples and modern production appear here, together with an unwise use of grandiloquent keyboards. I don't see the point of doing such an uninspired musical jigsaw puzzle, borrowing from VOIVOD here, from ARCH ENEMY there, and from whatever you can imagine in between (ZYKLON for example). Personally I refuse to endorse such a mess, because if you have nothing to offer, it is better to shut up without imposing the poor results of your lack of inspiration for more than a 15,00 € price. There is maybe ten really impressive Death or Black Metal bands in activity in Europe right now, and DESTINITY don't belong to this battalion by far. I am pretty sure that these French wannabes are convinced they have produced an avant-garde chef d'oeuvre, sorry for them it is not the case. I am appalled by the current state of a scene I cherished for so long, a sentiment reinforced by this poor album. I certainly don't need that, and I bet you neither. So spare your time and money by ignoring this lame record completely. One thing is for sure: the destiny of DESTINITY (sorry...) is bleak to say the least. Enough, case closed.

Edouard Vergriete

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