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Cryptic Procession Of The Yellow Sign
(Trauma Records)

Filthy Metal. Really filthy Metal of Death is what we have here form this demented Spanish band. AUTOPSY comes to mind while listening to it although some IMPETIGO and early CARCASS will also come to mind. The band name means DESTINY/BURIAL, and that is exactly what this band conjures in their sound. Very low guttural vocals like coming from the sewer, with filthy at times doomy sounds and with a quite obvious black humor like in the songtitles 'Cthulhu Is My Bitch' or 'Necromancy Under LSD’s Effects' will surely also guide you to what expect here. Yet, under all that filth, we have a quite good Death Metal band that although not doing anything new, having some vocals some might hate, it is quite entertaining. Again a band that sounds like AUTOPSY cannot be a bad thing, huh? The production must also be noticed. It truly recalls the sound of the Death Metal bands from the 90s in a way that it is scary. It has a very cavernous aura, yet it all sounds clear and powerful. It has a quite “live” sensation to it. Also they do have some Crust / Punk sound, but in a way that it makes them sound more dirty... like giving life to the filth. This one grows time after time and is one of those releases that can surely invoke that spirit of old graves and the stench of decay. One great surprise that deserves to be found by purveyors of filthy Death! For all additional DESTINO/ENTIERRO information check out or, label contact:

Julián “Summoning The Unanamable” Núńez

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