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Live Without Sense
(High Roller Records)

This album is a double edged sword for me, for a number of reasons, but first things first. We all know that the 80s were THE golden age for Thrash Metal (and if you don't agree, please stop reading right away and go swipe your life away on Tinder) and me, being a pimply teenager back then, I was cutting my teeth on fucking Metal right there and then. I was sweet 15 years old when this record was originally released and even though I never owned a physical copy in my life, I still know it by my black fucking heart. I know every riff, every drum fill, every cheer. It has become part of my Metal DNA, for better or worse. So when I was offered the chance to review it, I jumped at it like my baby daughter jumps at every opportunity to get proper human food instead of mashed fruit. She is only getting there, I am revisiting my own past. For whatever reason, I always thought that this album was recorded live in my hometown of Vienna… but it seems questionable now, almost 30 years later. Rumor has it that this whole affair isn't even a proper live album, but a live in the studio affair. Oh well. There go my glorious teenage years. Nothing is set in stone anymore, it seems. Fast forward to here and now: "Live Without Sense“ (among all the other early DESTRUCTION classics) finally got re-released by High Roller Records in a way that can only be described as labour of love. The original version was almost an hour of music on two sides of a vinyl record, now it's an LP and a 7“, thus providing a much more organic and above all thrashing sound. Songwise, it's a greatest hits things: from 'Bestial Invasion' via 'Curse The Gods' to 'Mad Butcher', it's all there. This whole album is a non stop unrelenting Thrash fest, a fucking time machine taking me back to an era when every show was outstanding… and not only because I was all puppy-eyed and easily impressed, but simply because bands like DESTRUCTION kicked some serious ass and absolutely lived up to their name. So, no matter whether or not this is a real live record or not, it's fucking awesome. If you don't get it now, you deserve to be Nickelbacked. More band info at,, label contact

Thomas Reitmayer

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