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Echoes From The Past
(Razorback Recordings)

DETERIOROT, hailing from New Jersey, was one of the hopeful Death Metal bands in the early breed of the American northern scene. They started out as MORTUARY, released two demos and got signed to Thrash Records, which should release their first full length, though something didn't go right, as it never happened, and next thing, the band morphed into DETERIOROT. The band is still running after a hiatus here and there, and one of the founding members Paul Zavaleta, who is handling the guitars and vocals, is still running the horde. The other founding member, drummer Jon Brody, who has been along for most of the ride so far and all releases, left the band last year. Razorback Records has been in the dusty record bin and dusted off the good old recordings by the band, and put them together on this fine release "Echoes From The Past". But for some reasons, it is missing some of the old gold. We are getting the band's first demo "Demo 1992", with quite insane, brutal and right in your face Death Metal, heavy and intense, the weight of INCANTATION, IMMOLATION and the likes, mid-paced madness with some insane blasts and twists. I am a giant fan of that period of DETERIOROT. Besides the mentioned demo, the second most interesting release is the '93 EP "Manifested Apparitions Of Unholy Spirits", which follows in the style of the '92 demo, just much more dark and twisted, and more in the style of INCANTATION, musically- and vocally-wise, not bad at all, though I think the band might lost it a tad here, as they were to close to INCANTATION which had taken off by now with "Onward To Golgotha" on Relapse Records, though it would still have been quite cool to hear where DETERIOROT had ended if following this path. A funny thing though, is that DETERIOROT drummer Jon Brody played with INCANTATION live during the period '93 - '94. For some strange reason there is two tracks from the bands first full length record "In Ancient Beliefs" released in 2001 on Relapse Records (these versions here have been remastered in 2009 though - Frank). The album is quite nice, though I still prefer the older material, and for the lads out there who doesn't know the band, it will be a fist in the face of conviction, of why to purchase said album, though do someone who doesn't know a band, pick up an anthology as this? On top of that we are getting two live recordings, one spanning 3 tracks from 2001 and one spanning two tracks from '93. Great as such, but they're not really doing a difference for this release, and I would rather have seen the '93 demo or the '00 demo, that marked the recording-return of the band. Though instead we get the '02 / 03 demo "The Faithless", which is decent, though nothing over the top, as the older material is. My faves of the band is the '93 EP and the '92 demo, closely followed by the '93 demo which isn't on here, though the album is worth picking up just because of the '92 demo and even more because of the '93 EP. The lads have done some killer Death Metal back in the days. The newer stuff is also decent, though nothing beats those old days, I love my walks down nostalgia avenue! Have a look in the rearview mirror:,

Anders Peter Jřrgensen

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