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Portals To Uphobia
(Osmose Productions)

Oh no... DETONATION again! I forgot about them since the time I reviewed their first full length but here they are, presenting the result of their "fruitful" creative process. The good thing with an album like "Portals To Uphobia" (nice artsy title, bravo!) is that the first track gives the clue of what is to come and clearly sums up the whole affair. You know at once what to expect and that no surprise will disturb the more than 40 minutes long musical diarrhoea inflicted by this Dutch bunch. The main problem with DETONATION is that they don't know how to compose an actual song: every track here is a mere artificial juxtaposition of riffs without any direction and purpose. In the end "Portals To Uphobia" gives the impression of a long track truncated by blanks scattered at random. Needless to say then that the sub standard neo-extreme Metal in the vein of ARCH ENEMY that DETONATION play could induce a sick state of stupor in a very short time. Even the Photoshop cover art (mandatory these days to give an impression of artistic sensibility and intellectual sophistication) reflects the abysmal banality offered by this band. If you are an adept of melodic "extreme" (read: politically correct, clean and harmless) Metal (Plastic?), give this one a listen, maybe you can find something of interest in it after all. I would like also to mention the production, dynamic but very dry and "noisy", I know the younger among us refer to this type of sound as very good; I simply can't stand it myself, and it contributed to the ripping headache this record caused to me.

Edouard Vergriete

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