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Morbid Force
(Death To Mankind Records)

This is actually the third full length from this American Black / Thrash Metal band form the USA. I have heard some rumors concerning the band, mainly an affiliation with radical bands or thoughts. Also, the label where this is released is home of many NS Metal bands. But lyrically I see few connections. The band's main inspiration is old school Thrash Metal, the passion for Metal and worshipping the devil. All together to achieve the same goal: Thrash for Satan. The quality of the production is above average a demo, and although this might sound not proper for an album, it actually fits the music pretty good. Citing influences form bands like VENOM, CELTIC FROST, BATHORY and ROTTING CHRIST, it is also a good way to describe the music. Vocals do sound a bit like a more Death Metal orientated young Schmier, with fewer high pitched tones, with probably not that much variation, but still pulling it through. I must also mention the fact that I can hear a very strong Greek occult Metal influence, I have already mentioned ROTTING CHRIST, but also VARATHRON and to a lesser extent early NECROMANTIA comes to mind. This is more evident in the more mid-tempo songs, rather than the fast thrashy ones. Some slight uses of keyboards also sound a lot to the way those Hellenic bands used them (in a very simple way in fact). The faster songs are more akin to early SLAYER where one can listen to early Rock influences. I just feel that for this style the guitars could be louder, but then again there is also the risk of sounding way too modern... the overall sound of this one takes me at least some 10 years back in time, for the style and production values. The presentation is also quite simple, but you can always have the lyrics form their website. For what it is, I really like it, and have been following the band from their first release "The End". I just expect more from these blasphemers in a near future, as they do have the evil powers to invoke higher diabolic chants. ,

Julián Núńez

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