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Warhorsepowers And A Megaton Of Balls
(No Sign Of Life Records)

Old school is mostly associated with all cool and 'in' things when it comes to Metal music. The word 'retro' this and that - then again, may not get that many enthusiastic applauses from die-hard Metal creatures that rather want to stick to their past than getting tangled with anything that has the word 'retro' somehow connected to it. DEVASTRACKTOR, this fivesome containing of obviously old school Thrash Metal loving Finns, has got their 9-track debut album out - titled funnily "Warhorsepowers And A Megaton Of Balls", on an independent underground label No Sign Of Life Records - and if you don't feel to be any stranger either to the words 'retro' or 'old school', then here's most obviously something for you to wreck and ruin your neighbors' harmonious and peaceful late night activities. DEVASTRACKTOR kicks in loud volumes, thrashing the grounds to a fine dust convincingly - and they do it with a sophisticated and fine taste if their main goal was to capture the 80s Thrash vibe and feel the best they could. At least they have succeeded at that in a very flattering way, slightly reminding of early ANGEL DUST, early SLAYER and Swedish retro-ish Thrash troop ANTICHRIST here and there if some comparisons are needed. What they do on this record, they do it very convincingly indeed - flagging for the worn-out name of old school- or retro-Thrash like nobody else. The vocals, the riffs, the solos - and even backing vocals (or 'gang shouts' whatever you prefer to call them) are all carefully done and shaped around their songs, so I'm more than confident to claim DEVASTRACKTOR can truly be proud of what they have accomplished on their debut record. In fact, there's no dull or boring moments to be found from this Thrash-tastic 9-track opus, which is pretty rare when dragging many of today's similar sounding albums to the same line. You can hear from everything this bunch just loves Thrash - and they don't have to prove it any other way but just grabbing their instruments and simply start playing. Thrash Metal - being it retro or old school (it doesn't matter really), is truly in these guys' blood circulation system - and it's lotsa fun and entertaining to listen to. Sort of an ultimate icing on this well-made Thrash-cake, the album cover just could not get any more cheesy-looking either than it is on "Warhorsepowers...", following devotedly some of those cheap-looking and quickly made Metal album covers that one was able to spot from everywhere during the first half of the 80s. You gotta respect some traditions, right? At least that's what these fellows have done and shouldn't feel any ashamed of it at all. At the end of the day, it's always the music itself that really counts anyway - and DEVASTRACKTOR's frenzied Thrash Metal does just that magical trick, dear people. All thumbs up for this great Thrash record.

Luxi Lahtinen

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