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(Big Money Recordings / Svart Records)

So, here it is finally. It was about time to get this released, even if at some point I somewhat completely lost all my hope whether this would ever see the daylight or not, that joyful day is in our hands today - and finally, may I add with a great relief. We are talking about the one of Finnish Grindcore / Death Metal pioneers DISGRACE's long lost album, simply titled "Vol.2", that was supposed to be the band's follow-up record to "Grey Misery"; DISGRACE's debut outing that was released on French Modern Primitive in 1992. What happened about 20 years ago, Modern Primitive ceased to exist - without returning the original master tape back to the band, plus in addition to that, also the original data tape was mistakenly destroyed by the owner of a studio where "Vol.2." was recorded. The band members of DISGRACE gave a flying fuck about all the unfortunate setbacks they were forced to confront with the whole "Vol.2" album episode but determinedly continued making new noise at their homes. Some of the songs that were meant to appear on "Vol.2", ended up getting released on DISGRACE's later release, the fantastic "Superhuman Dome" album in 1996 as re-arranged versions, this time German Morbid Records taking care of the release. As DISGRACE's 'old shit' seems to sell way better than their 'new shit' (long live the ugly head of this monster called 'nostalgia'), after many hard and obviously desperate efforts even - both in good and in bad - i.e. going through several piles of old cassette tapes of some old friends of the band from those days, lost nerves, lost precious time, a truckload of consumed beer, etc., DISGRACE - for everyone's big surprise, eventually managed to get all the songs together that were on the original master tape of "Vol.2", piled up from the 3 best sounding and most well preserved cassette tapes that were still available out there. I have to say - all these 18 long years, were truly worth the wait. "Vol.2" represents DISGRACE in that state of musical transformation, in which the guys started pushing their original Grindcore and Death Metal roots more and more to the background, adopting more Rock-ish - more SABBATH-isque elements into their sound. "Vol.2", which can also be seen as some sort of DISGRACE's own tribute to BLACK SABBATH's "Vol.4" record, introduces a very different sounding DISGRACE compared to the band's blasting, grinding Death Metal on "Grey Misery" - but then again, I wouldn't say their musical turn from the world of Grindcore and Death Metal, into a band that also decided to show some of their love towards a Heavy Rock giant like BLACK SABBATH, somehow would have lowered DISGRACE's value as a seriously taken act. Quite much on the contrary, the band's strongly SABBATH-tinged, grooving and hippie-smelling sound on "Vol.2", is no less than intriguing and captivating - driven by the guys' hard-boiled attitude to be the hardest rockin' band on the face of the planet Earth - and hell, even succeeding at that pretty darn well if the quality of the songs on "Vol.2" can work out as some sort of indicator for that. DISGRACE's "Vol.2" was - to say it simple, one of those long-lost albums that so badly screamed to get released. And now when it's been done, we should start cranking it up at the loudest volumes possible, the same way as we surely would have done 18 years ago. The only minus actually comes from the fact there are no liner notes included with this release (or anything else at all related to this matter), just to explain a bit detailed way for listeners why "Vol.2" was released during this ongoing year 2011, 18 years after it was recorded. Oh well, that's only a minor complaint to be found from this very kick-ass DISGRACE release, as a very vital and important (once) missing link of the whole Finnish underground Metal history. But here you are, dear folks - please by all means enjoy this - with every possible cell of yours! More info at:,,

Luxi Lahtinen

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