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Atiduokit Mirusius
(Ledo Takas Records)

The third strike of this Lithuanian unholy trio was expected by yours truly with a lot of expectation. DISSIMULATION was for me one great discovery and a fresh breath of air in this otherwise stagnant scene. They evolved from a more primitive blackened Metal attack in their debut "Maras" to a great old school Black / Thrash attack in "Pakreikimas". The material contained in their previous album was of such quality and enjoyable more than enough to make me look forward to this new release. So, was it worth the wait? Well, the band got tighter, even showing a somewhat more technical, or should I say more complex approach at their style. A style that has changed little from the last album, of old school Black / Thrash Metal. The main references are still heavy on SLAYER and CELTIC FROST but this time I can also hear some more weird arrangements referring to bands like VOIVOD or CORONER. Sometimes they even remind me in a loose way to MASTER'S HAMMER. They still have a heavy and pounding guitar sound, with a great drum performance and a powerful bass attack. The hateful vocals are still there, which are also a highlight of the band as Venomous is an amazing vocalist who uses a wide range of screams, still using their native language in their lyrics, which gives them a more "exotic" touch. Gone are the somewhat annoying intros from their former album. But I also noticed that also they have left out many fast parts, and they usually find themselves playing at mid-tempo, and they actually do sound very comfortable doing so, yet never losing any sign of aggression. They are wise enough to use some speed with wisdom as proven in songs like 'Sliundra'. They also have mastered the art of creating massive riffs, like the beginning of the song 'Jums' that can only be called as monstrous and majestic at the same time. But this song, as most of the eight compositions included here, has many rhythm changes. And that is basically the difference between this one and their former one. While their previous album was more straightforward, this one is more elaborated, and that will take some time to digest. The first time I went through this one, I was a bit skeptical. Many songs sounded way too complex. It was not that interesting at the first time. But then again, I had those riffs hidden in my head and exploding soon out of nowhere. I also sense, and it becomes more present that their goal is actually more in the way SLAYER did in albums like "South Of Heaven" and "Seasons In The Abyss" than anything else. Yes, DISSIMULATION has now decided to experiment, still keeping it true to its roots. At the end, and after more than just one listening, the real power of this album opens up. Sometimes the music is just hypnotic, as the song that gives title to the album reveals. In the end, we have a fantastic new record by one band which is not afraid to experiment within the boundaries of extreme Metal, and turns again my faith in the underground that has many hidden jewels in the strangest places upon earth. I remind you this is not an easy experience at first, but it grows like a soul-devouring demon given the right time. No fan of Black Metal, evil Thrash or Death Metal has to let this one go by. Yes, it is quite technical, it has some very accomplished musicians, and yes they do evil music. Not only primitive recordings and performances are the only way to invoke thy dark one. It can be done with finesse as these elegant devil worshippers do show us. The only thing that is not exactly matching the sheer quality of this one is the simple cover art, but then again, how wrong can an inverted cross be?

Julián Núńez

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