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Death Set The Beginning Of My Journey
(Moribund Records)

I love this guy, Wrath. Although I know he hates me. He hates everybody, and that's ok. But with his one-man band, DODSFERD, he sure can bring some joy to his listeners. Strange name for a Greek band, but everything is clear after a short listening. Drawing his inspiration from nordic Black Metal it would not be appropriate to choose some Greek-sounding name. And cold sounding Black Metal this is! But coldness here is deceiving, so read on. This is the first album by this artist that I have heard, although I have seen his name popping here and there in metal circles. I have avoided DODSFERD because of my negative bias against hateful Black Metal and by just casting a glance on some of his albums names I was put off. Everything reeked of hatred and of fucking everybody off. Not too deep I thought and moved on. Now, seeing the cover art and new logo improvement for this album I stopped for a second and actually listened. Honestly, I can say that I am blown away by the power of this! Strong riffs, a lot of great melody, vocals shrieking, grunting, shouting, guitars shredding, drums blasting. Really a headbanging stuff with a strong poetic side hidden beneath the layers of energy. Songs are pretty long for this kind of energy-fueled Black Metal - every song is lasting longer than 5 minutes! No worries though, a lot of tempo changes and passion propell this music to the lands opposite of boredom. Listen to this and tell me your blood is not flowing faster and I will call someone to make an autopsy on you since it would be a clear sign you are dead. And we have some more good news: this is only the first part of a trilogy which, with this offering, started really great! I know Wrath will hate me even more because of this, but I heartfully recommend this album. Listen and buy:

Branko Matija¨evic

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