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Emissaries Of Morning
(Lavadome Productions)

DOMINHATE hails from Pordenone, Northern-East Italy, and if you're not familiar with these guys, you have to know that this EP is the follower of their debut album "Toward The Light", released in 2014. "Emissaries Of Morning" is a shorter, less than twenty minutes, development of their dark, aggressive and nihilistic Death Metal. It's a more concise work, but the songwriting is surely strenghtend compared to the previous release. Their sound is still deeply rooted in the classic style of MORBID ANGEL, INCANTATION and IMMOLATION, but the Italian quartet is able to outdo the majority of other bands that have less personality. DOMINHATE have in fact something more to add to the old school Death Metal of their masters, even if they're not certainly reinventing the wheel. The main ability of DOMINHATE on these four songs (the first track is, according to the band, part of a recording made by the Cassini spacecraft and based on Saturn’s radio emissions) is to play dynamic but still extreme music with a periodic switching of atmosphere, that is brutal and tormented during the fastest parts, gloomy and ghastly when they get slower. 'Faith Delirius Imago' and 'Creation Quies Monumenti' are probably the songs that prove this dynamism in the best way, but the whole EP is praiseworthy in my opinion. The performance of the drummer Slippy is superb, a true war machine with his instrument (even if a massive post production on it is evident), but it's just a piece of the puzzle that efficiently works with the guitar riffs of Alex and Jesus, and the Steve's growling vocals. Concerning the artwork, the awesome art of Daniele Lupidi, who did the cover of the first full-length, fits perfectly again with the imaginary and space visions of DOMINHATE. Lately, bands like DEAD CONGREATION, SULPHUR AEON and CRUCIAMENTUM kept the dark Death Metal to the top level of perfection, but bands like DOMINHATE have undertaken such quest. Positive credits to Lavadome Productions that promoted another Italian band after the recent release of "Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est" by AD NAUSEAM, and it's more and more one of the most interesting labels in Europe for promising underground Death Metal acts, so check their website at and keep updated with the band at

David Lucido

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