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Antes Do Fim
(AreaDeath Productions)

Here comes another re-issue of a relatively obscure Thrash band from the 80s, considered cult in the eyes of some and absolutely unknown to the majority of its potential crowd. The reason is probably the fact that despite being in the right place and in the right time, DORSAL ATLÂNTICA didn't get a contract with Cogumelo, like bands they used to share the stage with at that time did, so their popularity didn't grow beyond their homeland Brazil. The reason must have been the facts that DORSAL ATLÂNTICA's lyrics at that time were strictly in Portuguese and they abstained such cliché selling points as Satanic lyrics, demons on the cover and the likes. Still, what you get here is a decent Thrash album with a Hardcore / Punk touch, that has a decent production, without any extra try hard attempts to make the songs sound too polished. It has the special charm of a raw album, that really represents the time and the place it was recorded in, long before it became impossible to figure out whether you hear a German Thrash band or a South American band that mimics their German heroes (which is, unfortunately, the situation today, when it comes to Brazilian Thrash bands). The problem is that this album kinda lacks the extra punch and the intensity that bands like SEPULTURA or VULCANO already had in 1986, or at least it wasn't captured well in the studio. One could say that DORSAL ATLÂNTICA is just a different band with their own identity, and that is right, but it's hard to avoid the expectation for something more intense and chaotic while listening to this album. When all is said and done, it has the right components, but something about it makes it sound outdated and lacking some power. The bonus live tracks prove the opposite, though. They are quite lo-fi, but they show the band in a different light, being way more aggressive and out of control (in a good way) on stage. In short, this re-issue is recommended to fans of the band, at least due to the bonus tracks, but those who don't feel compelled to have every release of every old South American Thrash band in their collections might as well skip it, without any regrets.,

Sergei Pismeny

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