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The 4Q Mangrenade
(Osmose Productions)

This is the first time I am exposed to a DRILLER KILLER full length (their 7th already for Osmose) and believe me, it caused me a blast into the brain. The kind of music DRILLER KILLER play is (in theory) not my home turf, but I see this album appealing for every Metal fan on this planet. This Swedish bunch lead by a manic vocalist (superb performance by Cliff, I love this kind of commanding and corrosive vocal lines!) offers an original and fresh mix of Punk, Hardcore and Metal. Don’t run away you Metalheads, I can assure you the result is totally digestible (besides I don’t like Punk and Hardcore at all, so you can imagine this record can actually please you). All the songs are short and focused, some (faint) MOTÖRHEAD vibes can be heard here and there (in fact, besides the Punk overtones in the guitar department, it seems obvious to me at least that guitarist Adam knows a great deal about NWOBHM, a personal theory of mine still to be checked). I don’t know if this is a mere coincidence but I found a BATHORY citation in the first track (a guitar lick made me think of ‘Sacrifice’, it could be quite logical considering Quorthon’s Punk roots), while the intro and bridge in ‘Nightmarathon’ (track 7) bring early ANTHRAX in mind. I realize how much this review could appear erratic, but I repeat, DRILLER KILLER are certainly a one-of-a-kind band, extremely difficult to categorize. And you know what, it is fortunately so, because we need consistent and HONEST bands like this one. Don’t waste your time and money in second-rate “brutal” and “evil” records and give this one a try.  I am pretty sure you will enjoy it immensely! Really excellent and really surprising!

Edouard Vergriete

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