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Exalt The Imperial Beast
(Hells Headbangers Records)

EMBALMED started as BRUTALITY in Juarez, Mexico back in 1988 if I'm not mistaken, but put out their first demo as EMBALMED in 1992. I recall seeing them play live back then and even though they were an underground band they had a stage show that combined with their music, made the crowd go wild! But location changes from Juarez to Phoenix and finally Las Cruces, New Mexico has delayed them from releasing their debut album  untill now 2011. They put out a couple of demos (92, 94) and then one of the best demos I have heard "Demo of 98" was unleashed (then released on CD by Metal Devastation Records as "Unholy Torment" and on vinyl by Nuclear War Now! Records in 2010). Also a 7" (that someone should release on CD now!) called "Prelude To Satan's War" in 2003 on Legion Of Death Records. A friend told me for a fact that their riffs are sick and twisted like coming out of left field being extremely chaotic. But unfortunately we will have to take his word for it as the production on the guitars is not very clear at all, its almost just a blur really. You can hear some changes in the riffs here and there but thats about it. This is a problem with self produced albums as this one is. I believe you need a fresh pair of ears to tell you "We can't grasp the riffs!". But besides that this is great, brutal, unholy and violent. This is more violent than almost almost anything EMPEROR put out and greater than any of GAYGOROTH's releases (to use 2 bands that EMBALMED loves (don't ask me why) as a frame of reference)! The vocals are guttural but not frog Metal or tree hugging norsecore forest Metal! Something akin to Jeff Becerra and the like but original I think. All in all it is as a whole an unwholesome onslaught of riffs an drums and violent vocals, and EMBALMED need to get off their fuckin asses and get to playing live. Again! If you like unrelenting, blasting ultraviolent Black Death War Metal like, well, why fuck around? BESTIAL fuckin' WARLUST, look no more, EMBALMED is surely your cup of blood! Get this now!

Luis M.L. Sallard

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