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(MSR Productions)

Dead corpses, gruesome autopsies, an endless stream of blood, guts and dismembered limbs, pools of pus, the smell of rotting, etc. - that's what Russian Deathsters ENDLESS GLOOM are made of. These experts of gore and guts gloryfying Death Metal got together back in 2003 already, the lads' infamous plans being something totally else than their sweet yet so lovely grand parents could have ever thought of while enjoying their late afternoon naps. "Audiodead" is ENDLESS GLOOM's 2nd album in order that was released in 2010, containing of 9 songs of pure and crushing Death Metal. ENDLESS GLOOM have sucked their influences basically from both the European as well as American territories of Death Metal; the influences from both of the aforementioned continents are definitely there, which obviously doesn't tell much. Nope, it doesn't but it shouldn't either because the type of Death Metal style what ENDLESS GLOOM have undoubtedly been shedding gallons of blood for, doesn't reek of anything unusually original or unique. However, it shouldn't do that much either. I mean, if one accepts some certain and successful type of formula to create something that might cause even a near-ear-orgasm for people, then shouldn't all be somewhat fine then? Now having said this, ENDLESS GLOOM don't bring anything new on the table - that's certain already, yes, but they are still able to do their thing well enough, surely having all that knowledge in their possession entertainment-wise how to shred and split a skull or two. Good, good enough Russian Death Metal here that can be enjoyed more than all those soft, tiny packages that each of us may get during the X-mas Eve. ENDLESS GLOOM contact:, label: or

Luxi Lahtinen

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