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Envisioned... The Hellternity
(Devils Arts Productions)

In keeping with the tried and true traditions of Malaysian Occult Metal bands like ABHORER, SIL KHANNAZ and IMPIETY, here now comes ENVENOM with their "Envisioned... The Hellternity" debut cassette demo-tape 2007. Follow up to last year's "Satanik Goatlust" promo 2006. The promo that contained only 1 song, 'Demimonde - Lustified The Funeralbitch', which is a tribute to BLASPHEMY. In the band's own words "This is not a mockery upon the godly Satanik Skinhead hordes but it's a tribute for this Canadian Ross Bay Desekraters for being such a hellish inspiration for the demonz of ENVENOM." "Envisioned... " was released exclusively under Devil's Arts Productions out of Peru and has been on the market since January. Featuring four unruly spirits: NekroRepudiation DivineAnnihilation - 666 strings of Demonokkultik Impaler, VaginalPerversion and BestialKuntqueror - Atomik NuklearHammerz of Satan, BlackBlood Debauchery of Blasphemy - GoatKommand Holokaust and Blasphemous Hatred, and Baphogoat Sadomaso of Unholy Satanik Fornikator - 4 strings DemonAxe. Of whom all incite the ancient laws of disastrous Metal, dripping wet in the Devil's cold, black semen! On this blaspheming cassette are six unholy hymns: 'Hymntro - The Rise of Shub-Niggurath / Grotesque Ritual of Sexual Violence', 'Genocide! Holokaust! Exterminate!', 'Demimonde (Lustified The Funeralbitch)', 'Goddess Of Perversity' (BLASPHEMY cover), 'Spirit Of Evil' (VULCANO cover) and 'Demimonde (Lustified The Funeralbitch)' - promo version. Recorded and mixed at 132 Studio, Sg Petani Kedah. This demo also contains with it cover artwork by Shahjehan of Dark Arts, and ENVENOM's band logo is made by none other than Christophe Szpajdel. Price (incl. postage) for this demo is: 7 USD / 5 Euro and is violently limited to 500 copies worldwide! Final executions are shouted to the blind fiends of chaos below, by this Hellish horde, with the following statement. "Behold the rise of ENVENOM, the satanik stronghold of divine blasphemies. And to all of you morons who have been playing and mocking with the might of Black Metal. Our message to you is eternal. Black Metal is not fun. Black Metal is not cool. Black Metal is not happy. Black Metal is not romantic. Black Metal is not to protect moral values. Black Metal is not looking macho. Fukk all of you pathetic human garbage who think this is fun!!!!!! Black Metal is a rage and threat upon the feeble masses of religion and humanity!!! Die all!!!" Contact: or ISKANDAR, P.O.Box 10428, 50712 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or or or

Wes Rhodes

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