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(Konqueror Records)

There are times when to re-discover the early recordings of a band are glorious moments. And in this case we only travel back in time to 2003 when this band was formed, and to 2006 and 2008 when they released the demos that are confined in here. If I was not aware of the place these purveyors of pure, nihilistic, old skull Death Metal were from, I would have bet my soul they were from Sweden. The crunchy ENTOMBED guitar tone, the sometimes galloping riffs, the unmistaken MASTER influence on the drums... yes, they have been following the CARNAGE left by the Swedish old school Döds Metal masters... but these four cadavers actually do come from Italy. A land that has been blessed, with many gifted and usually mystic musicians. This is quite a strange music style that comes from that place. I usually find Death Metal bands from Italy to be more in the ultra-brutal Death style or in the occult Black Metal style (raging from DIMMU BORGIR clones to the supreme occult Metal masters like MORTUARY DRAPE which by the way I think ERODED's drummer once played with). Both demos contained here are of supreme quality in all aspects. Production wise they are heavy, dark and obscure. Everything sounds in place and the guitars do their works assigned: destroy and make ears to bleed. I would compare the overall sound and impact to bands like NOMINON or NECROVATION, although ERODED are more traditional, to speak in a way and at atimes it also reminds me to GRAVE "Into The Grave" for the way the compositions here flow and all are killer tunes without any filler fumes. "Banner Of The Unrest Exile" and "Test The Grace Infliction" are the titles of the demos that (de) compose this 9 track assault. If I was not given the info, I would still consider this a great recording, compilation of demos or not, as the overall result stands on its own. Yes, this has been done many times before, yes it sounds and reminds to many Death Metal bands of the late 90s, but yes the quality contained herein is of fantastic proportions. For those looking for a very strong skull Death Metal release, look no further. Many bands would have wished for this to be their brightest point, and it is just a demo collection. Now, the reaper awaits for what these four destructors can bring on in the future. For more info go here:,

Julián Núńez

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