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Blades Of Darkness / Throne Of The Diabolical Ones
(Joe Black Records)

A nice little split 7" EP arrived at my mailbox at the end of 2010 and now in 2011 it's a pleasure to write something about this piece of black wax. I'm a huge fan of seven inches, as uncomfortable they seem to handle in those modern times when even CDs are outdated. I love vinyl and therefore 7" EPs, too, perhaps it's pure nostalgia, but for me they are a huge part of the history of Death Metal. I start with side B of this lovely gem. DECREPITAPH from the USA are featured with their song 'Throne Of The Diabolical Ones' and add a small instrumental (~1min.) called 'Forever Christ Forsaken'. I'm a virgin when talking about DECREPITAPH - shame on me, I don't know their 2 albums "Condemned Cathedral" and "Beyond The Cursed Tombs" so far nor any of their other plenty of releases, but I promise: this will change soon, if someone helps me where to find at least those 2 albums! What I figured out while listening to 'Throne Of The Diabolical Ones' is that DECREPITAPH is not the ordinary old school Death Metal band so common these days. This band plays some morbid and very dark Doom / Death Metal which is eerie to the bone. If I need to mention a band to compare them to I'd say that American FUNEBRARUM sound quite close, but if I mention this band I can mentioned bands as INCANTATION, GRAVE, ABHORRENCE and shitload of others, too. So take it as it is, it's a very good song and I see it (for me personally) as an appetizer to check out more from this band. Nevertheless the winner on this split EP are ERODED (from Germany, not the Italian one) with their monstertrack 'Blades Of Darkness'. Fuck, fuck, fuuuhuuck!!! What a song-jewel on this tiny little piece of vinyl. Actually this song is so fuckin' old school, so fuckin' brutal, so fuckin' DEATH METAL, you hardly can put it in the right words, at least not me with my limited English knowledge. The best thing here is that "common" Death Metal lovers won't understand my enthusiasm for this band as it is everything else but "mainstream" Death Metal. Lovers of this genre will without a doubt agree here with me. Here again, if reminiscences are requested I'm pleased to mention ASPHYX as the vocals are comparable to Van Drunen's organ a lot and the groove of this song could compete with the old ASPHYX songs on "The Rack", the midtempo part at the end of the song is simply veeery old DISMEMBER to the bone. This song is outstanding. Basically I can recommend a purchase without one tiny little doubt and especially because of ERODED's side you simply have to buy it. Not only as I think this song is a little better than the DECREPITAPH part, especially as I have serious doubts that ERODED will return with a often announced full-length recording within the next couple of years. Guys, please prove me wrong!!! Never mind, if they return now and then with such killer song I can live with this situation. Final conclusion: a must have, especially as all songs featured are exclusive ones. Available here: Check out the bands at and

Thomas Ehrmann

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