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Tales Of Hate, Lust And Chaos
(Satanath Records)

Already on their debut FERVENT HATE went beyond the boundaries of traditional Death Metal and on "Tales Of Hate, Lust And Chaos" they even moved on another step. Regarding songwriting and riffs I would label this output as a mixture of melodic Death Metal and Death'n'Roll. 25 years ago "Wolverine Blues" scared the hell out of people and some are still getting cardiac arrhythmia when it comes to that topic. But I am not going to discuss whether FERVENT HATE are playing Death Metal or not. My task is to tell you what to expect during the 40 minutes. First we have blistering guitars, enthusiastic full of joy of playing, up-tempo drums with some blast beats here and there. Just listen to the track 'The Possibility Of All Possibilities', that is melodic Death Metal at its best. More than half of the songs are done in that excellent manner. All the rest are in the vein of the above mentioned style, where Death Metal grunts team up with rhythm patterns of classic Hard Rock and modern Metal. Groove is the name of the game, at some moments I was reminded of PANTERA. Accordingly quite a huge number of riffs and solos could easily find its place on a Metal / Hard Rock output. On the song 'Left Iron Fist' even an organ makes an magnificent appearance. FERVENT HATE are definitely presenting an unique mixture and therefore are sitting between all chairs. Everyone wearing blinkers should better stay to their favorite sub-genre, but if you are open-minded and do not mind grunts, melodic guitars and grooving Metal mixed together visit,

Mirco Szymyslik

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