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Realm Of The Forgotten
(Bad Land Records)

Already recorded in 2004, but due to the inability of the former label the release got more and more delayed, therefore FESTERING SALIVA decided to part ways and search for a new label. So fortunately Bad Land Records are now publishing the second full-length album by the Munich based Death Metal outfit. It would really have been a shame if this excellent album would not have been released, I can imagine the band going crazy about the fact that they recorded a good album and a waiting time of three years must pass by before it is made public. The previous releases are unknown to me, but I can remember I was always searching for the three way split-CD with VIVISECTION and CRYPTIC, but never was able to get a copy. "Realm Of The Forgotten" features seven tracks plus intro and outro and the style can simply be described as Death Metal. Plain and simple. If anyone is in need of an example what Death Metal is all about, then this release may be used as blueprint. Dispending all unnecessary gimmicks, FESTERING SALIVA reveal the brutal core of Death Metal. Be it fast played, slow or more mid-paced, at every time it is brilliant and brutal Death Metal. A few guitar melodies remind me of AMON AMARTH, but that should not be seen as disadvantage. The only irritating elements are two acoustic guitar interludes. Personally I feel reminded of "The Somberlain" by DISSECTION, because the interludes sound very similar. Maybe there are some puritan Death Metal experts out there who will take the circumstance of acoustic guitars as reason to dislike the whole release. Those people should do whatever they like, but they are missing one of the best Death Metal albums from Germany that has been released during the last months.

Mirco Szymyslik

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