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Promo 2007

From the band's own bio I borrow..."Risen from the ashes of Thrash Metal act Denata, Tomas Andersson and Roger Blomberg teams up with Mique Flesh (ex - Witchery / Seance) and invokes new musical spirits summoned in hell's fire. The idea and hunger for a new project soon formed into what now has been unleashed as Freevil. The idea was to create something diverging from their natural influences and create something new and unexpected. Just going with riffs that felt good - not caring to much where on the metal brutality Richter scale they fitted - as long as they ROCKED in the widest but still deepest sense of the word." Interesting. From this three song CD-R teaser I get a very straight forward, energetic yet melodic, metallic band in FREEVIL. Not too distant from the old Gothenburg melodic Death Metal that was so eagerly pushed upon Metal consumers back in '94 - 97 however now taken and fused with more of a modern edge, almost Pop / Rock in a sense and most assuredly manic. Almost mental in this bands overall delivery. Meaning there is no concept of song within these tracks, rather this band seems more Hell bent on writing riff after riff and then offering them all up as some form of audio collage. Couple this with the addition of Black Metal styled vocals courtesy of Mique Flesh (ex - WITCHERY, SÉANCE, SATANIC SLAUGHTER ) and Phanatos' handy work, the band's keyboardist, who is unfortunately left up to his own devices more often than not and there you have this act FREEVIL for all that it is worth. Update: from the WNHU 88.7 radio website out of Westhaven, Connecticut, FREEVIL guitarist Tomas Andersson (ex - DENATA) speaks more about this promo and the soon to be debut album "All except the vocals are done now so what remains is nine more tracks to record the song for, mix and mastering! The working name of the album is "Freevil Burning" which I'm quite sure it will be named for real as well! Also Phanatos will add some samples and weird synth into some parts of the recording. Toxine never made it to the rehearsals so he is not in the band but if he can get his ass down to the studio he's welcome to do some guest vocals! The layout and artwork will probably be done by me as well. Right now things are not moving fast and it have taken much longer than we could believe. If I should guess I think we have the final product in our hands within 2-3 months (mastering, design, mix) ready to print. Then it will take a while more before a label pick us up and print the record! But you will have a promo copy as soon it's done that you can spin on the radio!! Hey brother! holy shit we started to do the vocals yesterday and Mique just blew me head away!!!! I said try the microphone for a while and HELLLL! He had a hidden Udo Dirkschneider inside of him that neither he or I knew about! It sounds EXACTLY like Accept so he will take the lead for Freevil and I do all the backing vocals! You will die when you hear it cause it's so fucking good!!!" How can he and 12,811 myspace friends of his be wrong? Contact: or or

Wes Rhodes

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