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(Death Fiend Productions)

I love raw and unpolished music, I love simplistic outlashes of rawness, as long as they possess passion and insight. Though when raw and simple music, is raw and simple for the mean of it, when I can't feel the soul and passion or it just lack talent, I get bored and in time quite pissed, if I have to spend time listening to it and have to pen an opinion. Some things is just not worth wasting that much time on. Back when I started reviewing music, which is 14-15 years ago, I really liked to take on a bad release to rip it apart, though that becomes boring too fast, and what reader can use a pure negative review to anything? Reviewing is in my eyes about pointing out the good parts, and then add some constructive criticism, that both reader and hopefully band can use further on, when either finding or making music, and that is how I tend to write my reviews. Though GHOST KOMMANDO does not make that easy, they really pushes my ‘grumpy old man button’, as they prey on what too many bands already have done or is still doing, just not in very good manner. We already have CELTIC FROST, GRAND BELIAL's KEY, XASTHUR and countless depressive Black Metal bands doing their art better and with more impact than this. Mostly the riffing have been borrowed, the heavily reverb-soaked vocal is hard to stand and the sadly programmed and sounding programmed drums, just sound too cheap and really make what little atmosphere GHOST KOMMANDO create, collapse. What makes music as this work, is a utter dark and claustrophobic atmosphere, though the Swiss' do never built up such, it all collapses time on time, due to boring riffing, stale songstructures, the sadly sounding drums and the rather annoying vocal. This is certainly not up my alley and I really can't hear who this will appeal to, though there might be a few out there in the caves, enjoying such. Check it out and make up your own mind at:,

Anders Peter Jřrgensen

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