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Initiation To The Cult

Hell! I am very pleased to review this demo, 'cos believe me, it's something really excellent. I didn't know that Norway could surprise me anymore with its undergound bands, but here I must admit that thanks to GHOUL CULT the real Metal spirit is not totally dead in this shitty country (Hey Nathaniel - c'mon what makes France less shitty than Norway, huh? The nice baguettes, or what? Hahaha - Frank)! Ha! Actually GHOUL CULT (what a cool name!) is playing in the old school way. Imagine DESTRUCTION, KREATOR, CELTIC FROST in their early days for the riffs, and Tom Warrior for the vocals, but in an unpredictable way. I mean the dudes managed to digest their influences so well and thus created something totally efficient on their own. To give you a better picture, think about bands like PENTACLE, SADISTIC INTENT, REPUGNANT. These bands for sure sound old school and one can of course feel their influences, but at the same time they don't sound like clones, and that's also the case with GHOUL CULT. I was really enthusiastic when I got to hear this demo because of the sound. Man, it has been recorded in 2002 and it has the same feeling than "Sentence Of Death"! Argh! Moreover the quality of the song writing is really excellent, so that the band never plays too easy compositions. There are a lot of well found arrangements, breaks and riffs! The dudes cover 'Mad Butcher' and I have to say that it is really near of the spirit of the original, still the singer Johnny Tombtrasher can't sing as high pitched as Schmier, but his necro voice fits perfectly to this cover. One can feel a huge dedication to the real Thrash Metal in GHOUL CULT. This demo is sold out by now, but I think that you can write to Johnny Tombtrasher in order to ask him to copy it for you, because I think that GHOUL CULT delivered one of the few highlight demos of 2002. If you like it harsh, raw, savage and hysterical, I command you to get in touch with the GHOUL CULT maniacs! Cuntact:

Nathaniel Colas

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