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Phantomgrave... I Am The Catacombs
(Ordo Decimus Peccatum Productions)

Seems the black tide keeps lapping at my heels as yet another band of this ilk rises from the Absu to spit forth a venomous poisoned curse. From Madrid hail GODÜS, unbeknownst to these ears until now. What good that can be said about this band is that this forsaken, Black trinity of Metal players are sufficiently capable with their instruments. And at times prove they can actually play, this is most obvious when they are not playing 1000 miles per hour and do offer up more than the standard overkill blitz riffing that those in this style have been playing as common stock since 1993. However as you would expect it these Spaniards are more interested in crushing mankind with a pulverizing blend of all that is necro and kult and so the stated blitz approach is of course put into effect and worked till its fingers bleed and the actual fingernails are of no more. Ho-hum are the words I find most suited to this band in total though. The first track 'Unholy Execution' did have me wondering if I had loaded the right album in, I will admit that, as one could have been easily mistaken for thinking this was a Death Metal band instead. Yet tracks two through seven will most assuredly erase that from your mind and leave no doubt as to what this act is all about. For fans of KRIEG, newer DARKTHRONE, JUDAS ISCARIOT or BELPHEGOR, I say that if you haven't gone out and sharpened your axe today or had time enough to apply your best attempt with mom's face-paint... err... war paint, then by all means get this CD and blast this fucker while you tend to it! HUUUUUUUUUUUUUAHHHHHHHH! Contact: or

Wes Rhodes

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