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Mutilation Ritual
(Stygian Shadows Productions)

Even though it's been happening for years, I still for the fucking life of me do not understand how record labels release "demos". A demo is made by a band to be signed to a record label right? So, if a record label releases a "demo" then is that band not signed to said label? Hmm... scene idiosyncracies aside I am unawares of Hungarian bands besides the very good but overrated TORMENTOR and those drunken bastards DRUNKEN BASTARDS! But here comes GRAVECRUSHER and I thought - great, some Singaporean influenced... but wait, no... ABHORER was at one time called TOMBCRUSHER not GRAVECRUSHER, so I had to throw out such thoughts out the window asap! And whoa then I hear this and my mind was assaulted by these hungry hungry Hungarians!! They are hungry for the sweetest meat of all: human flesh as their songs lyrics deal with zombies, cannibalism and zombies (hails and kills to "The Walking Dead")!! They are hungry for Metal command also, as they are really fucking going for it! Love the fucking speeeed and performance throughout!! So do they sound like Swedish old school Death Metal as most do nowadays? NO! It's heavy and fast but believe it or not it reminds me of demo - and "Mindloss" - era GOREFEST!! Yeah!! So, to these 42 years old ears it sounds fucking fresh!! They're just not quite as heavy as GOREFEST but still quite heavy and they are a bit faster!! And the production is superb. Big bands harp on endlessly with their panties in a bind about their dislike of technology and how they record at analog studios and blah blah blah... but for underground ghoulash ghouls GRAVECRUSHER starting out it gives a very clear and crisp sound but the heaviness is retained even during those fast parts! And I love their logo, it reminds me of the UNLEASHED and GOREMENT logos! A bit short at 9 minutes long, but it has accomplished the feat of leaving me wanting for more. Aaaarrrgh!!! Get this asap cause it's good but also cause it's limited to 99 copies. Or you know what, no matter cause any record label worth their salt should pick up GRAVECRUSHER right away! At least to press up "Mutilation Ritual" on 7"!! Good stuff!! Very recommended!!,

Luis M.L. Sallard

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