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HAIDUK is a solo project by Luka Milojica. He hails from Canada and under the moniker HAIDUK he released one demo tape in 2010, the debut "Spellbook" was spawned 2012 and now it is time for "Demonicon". What strikes first is the almost complete lack of vocals. There are deep grunts, but very sparsely delivered. Obviously he lays more value on the music itself, which is not the worst idea. Although the sound is pretty feeble (you really have to turn up your speakers) I really enjoyed the half hour of music. If he uses a drum-computer (like he did on the debut) then it has no consequences, because the drums do not sound plastic. Mostly playing fast-forward, some interspersed blast-beats, but variable enough to imagine a human being playing. The guitar riffs are, well, at least difficult to describe. Besides a heavy Black Metal influence I sensed some Thrash and Death Metal riffing, which makes the whole affair pretty versatile. There are simply no boring moments during the 32 minutes. At every second a new riff, a break, a guitar solo and sometimes even vocals make an impression on the listener. Everything is worked out to the last detail. In an old interview the mastermind labeled his style as "Crushing, Dark Atmospheric Blackened Hyperdeath Thrash". Well, I totally agree with this definition and if you want to check out some music which uses the typical elements of Metal but at the same time is unique, do not hesitate and visit the band's homepage to support the underground!,

Mirco Szymyslik

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