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One-man groups? Turn-offs? In so many cases, yes. The mastermind behind this Canadian one-man band HAIDUK, is named as Luka Milojica - and sometimes these one-man ego boosters, do make an exception indeed, HAIDUK fortunately proving to be one of these few, rare exceptions. Luka's musical interest falls down somewhere between the Thrash, Death and Black Metal ground, in which he's pretty keen on incorporating frenzied Thrash riff fests with his death grunts (that deceptively much remind me of the similar kind to Karl Willets of BOLT THROWER), and mixing them with some melodic Black Metal harmonies that especially many 90s Swedish Black / Death Metal took full advantage of on their albums almost 2 decades ago already. Having been listening to "Spellbook" like 3 full days in a row thus far, it's somewhat easy to make a fair conclusion that Luka has got some talent; to compose such striking and optimally moving songs like he has done for "Spellbook" - and even to record all the instruments by himself, it takes some time, sweat and perhaps even money to make it all sound this great - and first and foremost, convincing as wholeness. No doubts, the guy is a guitar demon himself; his riffs are mostly just compelling, hitting to its target sharp and effectively enough, really shattering some of our (mostly) negative prejudices about these one-man acts for good - at least I bet that's what is gonna happen with Luka's HAIDUK for sure. Even the drum machine that he has used for these recordings, sounds a bit more professionally done than normally. It can be heard everywhere the guy has taken his time and effort for getting something as ear-catching out as this 10-track recording of his represents more than well. I really enjoyed HAIDUK's devastatingly wicked and somewhat progressive mishmash of blackened Thrash / Death Metal. On just rare occasion you may come by something like this good and coherent - like once or twice within 5 years or so. Highly recommended! More about this Canadian one-man miracle, at:

Luxi Lahtinen

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