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...And The Sky Turns To Black...
(Dying Music)

Ever since their 1989 debut demo "Hell Is Here" Brazil's HEADHUNTER D.C. have built up a strong worldwide underground following. The overall great response on that tape quickly secured them a deal with legendary Cogumelo Records (home of SEPULTURA and SARCOFAGO in their early days) and as a result two full length albums were about to follow in 1991 ("Born... Suffer... Die") and 1993 ("Punishment At Dawn"). It took them quite a while to return to the scene after that with their third album "... And The Sky Turns To Black... (The Dark Age Has Come)", which finally came out in 2000 on the rather small company Mutilation Records. Considering the impressive quality of the record, it was no big surprise that about a year later it was already re-released by the (at the time) uprising American WWIII / Mercenary Musik label, with two bonus tracks added to it (covers of POSSESSED's 'Twisted Minds' and SPULTURA's 'Morbid Visions'). But for some strange reason also that company didn't manage to survive, so that (a.o.) HEADHUNTER D.C. had to look for a new option in order to regain the album's availability on the market. Enter: Dying Music. This young company from Brazil (responsible for a.o. the cool SANCTIFIER debut) recently took over the project and put out what could be seen as the ultimate version of it. The CD gets delivered in an additional slipcase, the booklet was enhanced with a couple more pictures and most important of all this time you're about to get no less than five really cool cover tunes! Next to the already known POSSESSED track, this edition also offers extremely cool versions of 'Flag Of Hate' (KREATOR), 'Sodomy And Lust' (SODOM), 'Blessed Are The Sick' / 'Desolate Ways' (MORBID ANGEL) and 'Álcool' (DORSAL ATLÂNTICA). Too bad that the SEPULTURA track is missing now as HEADHUNER D.C.'s incorporation of Carl Orff's 'Carmina Burana' masterpiece into the opening part of it turned out really amazing... Anyway, musically HEADHUNTER D.C. are by no means along the lines of what's going on in Brazil at the moment, so don't expect another KRISIUN soundalike here. Instead be prepared for some really intense old school Death Metal, very emotional, very brutal and a.o. obviously inspired by the aforementioned bands that they have paid tribute to. The entire disc comes across very professional (production, packaging etc.), so if you have missed out on its previous versions, this is your (last?) chance to finally go for it now! Great record, great band! I just hope Cogumelo Records will re-release "Punishment At Dawn" on CD format sometime in the near future as well. The band's website seems to be offline at the moment, but you can check out the label site at

Frank Stöver

...And The Sky Turns To Black...
(Mercenary Musik / World War III)

Yep, another fantastic band hailing from the Brazilian jungle. But this is not a new one. HEADHUNTER D.C. (D.C. stands for death cult) exists for about 13 years and has already released two albums. So "... And The Sky Turns To Black..." is their third effort and believe me it's truly a masterpiece of blameless, non trendy, brutal and amazing Death Metal. This Brazilian Death Metal horde creates a dark and unholy atmosphere and composed some really cool songs. In my humble opinion "... And The Sky Turns To Black..." is one of the best South American Death Metal albums ever. These days many bands, especially from the States only play fast and brutal shit and create brutal but soulless 'fast-food' music. Sometimes it seems that all these 'modern' bands lost the capability to write real METAL riffs. I won't tell you that all these bands totally suck, no they definitely don't but as I'm a METALHEAD I always prefer bands like HEADHUNTER D.C. which know that Death Metal is a brutal kind of Heavy Metal. And so you can note that the guitar players perform pure Metal riffs and some awesome leads. HEADHUNTER D.C. uses now and then a keyboard, fortunately not very often. You all know that I totally hate the use of keyboards, but in this case it is okay for me. I really enjoy "... And The Sky Turns To Black..." By the way, the voice of Sergio sounds very eerie and powerful. And now join the death cult and buy this highly recommendable album, you won't regret it (the US version even features two additional bonus tracks: excellent covers of SEPULTURA's 'Morbid Visions' and POSSESSED's 'Twisted Minds' - Frank).


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