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Demo 2015

German horde HORNS OF DOMINATION appear on the surface of the underground at the end of the year with two songs cast onto a demo tape simply entitled "Demo 2015". Since some band members are already well-known in the German scene the band's debut release is a pretty hot item presently. The band starts the tape with a song called 'No Beyond (For No One)' which was very welcomed by my ears. As I'm a fan of horrific intros this exactly suits my taste. Crushing and heavy as fuck (un)melodies crawl out of ones speakersystem that turn into a somehow BÖLZER like verse of the song. This band makes it clear early on that they are definitely more into the atmospheric aspects of extreme Heavy Metal music. The following “caveman” part is the highlight of the song since it really gives the band a special trait. After that the song continues with its tremolo riffing and blast beats only to return into the “caveman” part once again towards the end. The second track 'Throne Of Ecstasy' starts with a rather unusual phaser drenched spoken word intro that somehow made me think of 90s Techno music a bit too much. I could already feel the dull “BUM BUM BUM” bass commencing but after the appearance of some hinted guitar licks a slow and massive first verse opens up. HORNS OF DOMINATION again follow the footsteps of bands like BÖLZER, NECROS CHRISTOS or any other “thinking man's” Death Metal band that is currently active. Compared to the first track this one is residing within slower riffs but therefore transfers even more death worshipping atmosphere through the speakers. Generally speaking this definitely is a release for all you goat skull, black candles and incense lovers out there. According to the band's facebook presence another batch of demos has currently been printed so go and check check out, or

Marco Stebich

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