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Season Of Grief
(Satanath Records)

Well, with HORRORGRAPHY we have a new band from the Greek capital Athens. Usually, Metal bands from Greece are very dedicated to their music and even though a lot of them are not too original, they know exactly what they do. And, as I said, their dedication to Metal, no matter what sub genre, makes most of them pretty enjoyable. The problem with HORRORGRAPHY is their style of Metal. Symphonic Dark Metal is a style that was invented and killed nearly in the same breath by THERION. And HORRORGRAPHY (or better their mastermind and multi-instrumentalist Dimon's Night) want to be like THERION, at least their first album “Season Of Grief” doesn't support any other conclusion. Symphonic arrangements with keyboards and synthetic strings, no less than three different singers and compositions influenced by classic symphonies, that's what “Season Of Grief” is all about. Yet, HORRORGRAPHY have a hard time in reaching the spheres of their idols, since their stuff often sounds constructed and artificial, in some moments even bumpy and uneven. And, to be honest, Marialena Trikoglu has a fine Soprano, but as soon as she starts to sing, I lose it! But that goes for most THERION stuff after “Lepaca Kliffoth” as well, since singing Soprano is not what Metal is about in my eyes, except for some very rare exceptions. So, maybe I am the wrong person to review HORRORGRAPHY. But maybe this is even the wrong page to review them anyway. In case you liked the stuff THERION did in this millennium, HORRORGRAPHY might be a band to check out. You can do it at:, or visit their label's site:

Thomas Meyer

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