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Fuck Forever Off
(Iron, Blood And Death Corporation)

I wonder how many CDs I have with Rogga Johansson playing... I can think of like 10 and maybe I am missing a few more. This guy is a riff factory, that is for sure. Well, in case you have not noticed, I am referring to the same Rogga who plays guitars / bass and sometimes does vocals too as well as drum programming in quite a few bands and projects. In here he does all of that actually. Yes, the guitar tone is Swedish all the way. Yes, it is Death Metal. And yes it does sound like any other band he is playing in. In this case the overall sound reminds me of GRAVE, a mid-paced type of Death Metal. And while it is very well played and executed, I just think it sounds too much like some other CD I must have around with him playing... which should be normal, the man's got his style and it cannot be hidden. Yet, somehow I feel at times this is becoming a thing of too much. Yes, the man is a very competent composer, but still I have not find one of his records that really stands out from the rest. Maybe if his creative power can be focused in doing less songs but with more glorious riffs, then it will be different. I can sense that yes, there's some killer riffs in here, but sometimes they just end up being just good. If you like the style of the man, this is something to get. I even think that this deserves more than just a casual listen. But still, deep in my dark heart, I would like to Mr. Johansson to focus his creative demons to create once and for all one thing to rule them all.

Julián “Flesh Panzer” Núńez

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