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Nuclear Armageddon
(Agonia Records)

Hearken infidel thralls! This is a novelty to the Voices reviews. Due to the fact that Stefan and I liked this incantation chanted by IN AETERNUM both so very much, we decided to join our unholy forces and vomit forth this review as brothers in conviction. Here we go. First of all it's Stefan's turn: After several struggles with their former label Necropolis Records, Sweden's finest Black / Death commando is finally able to unleash its third infernal full-length strike. I was not that happy with "Revelations Of Hell", "Nuclear's" predecessor, because its songwriting was relatively weak compared to the great debut and focused entirely on brutality and speed, but failed to leave behind any remarkable moments. Now "Nuclear Armageddon" descends upon mankind and well, it leaves everything reduced to smouldering ashes! IN AETERNUM at last manage to connect their Death, Black and Thrash Metal influences with convincing song structures and offer eight 100% killing songs, a melancholic acoustic guitar instrumental and of course the mandatory intro. With "Nuclear Armageddon" the Scandinavian three-piece has finally found its individual sound that does not any longer resemble DISSECTION (if it ever did), but turns out to be deadlier, thrashier and less melodic than the average Swedish Black / Death. My personal highlights are the opener 'Genocide' (cool thrashing riff), 'Sin', the closing hymn 'Nuclear Armageddon' and IN AETERNUM's musical tribute to DESTRÖYER 666 'Dawn Of Annihilation', get this fucking CD and to put it in David Larsson's own words: "Prepare to meet your final doom". Well, now its up to you Cthulhu, would you agree with my view on this release? Or are you an IN FLAMES-pussy? Hahahaha. Well then, Stefan, I reckon I should ignore your last remark and proceed to discuss the present record, hahaha. Here we go. I am gonna pound this tacky release into the ground then. This band is utter crap, it doesn't produce anything but shit and, contents-wise: mental diarrhoea. Hahahaha, just kidding. I must say that IN AETERNUM definitely surprised and convinced me with a solid record that kicks ass. I just love this raw, brutal and dark atmosphere. The material sounds authentic and probably was vomited forth out of a deep demented conviction. The latter you can sense in every detail, be it sound (raw and brutal like hell), the compositions (soooo non-compromising - it's a pleasure!), the lyrics (well, I don't have them in front of me right now, but I reckon they're all pretty blasphemic, apocalyptic... you name it!). So, to cut a long story short, which isn't a particular strength of mine, I appreciate such music because it's honest and such honesty can be felt. Composition-wise, 'Crucified The Son Of A Whore' is my favourite song. It's got all the killer elements of IN AETERNUM combined. That is, a lot of blasting passages, some mid-paced might, old-schoolish Thrash riffs, frantic vocals - superb. Good one! Got curious? Well, you morons, then don't hesitate to contact these lunies via email:, the band's website: or the label's website:

Stefan Franke in collaboration with F. Cthulhu E.

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