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Tongue Of The Moribund

What a great discovering arrives from the southwest of Spain, exactly from Don Benito, Cáceres, with this new act called Incorporea, which means an interesting debut for the lovers of the most pure and deep darkness. These three tracks will be released by Oniric Records on tape, but the band sent us a demo CD with a great artwork and packaging, with cover and a totally black CD. It's always fine to see that some bands still take care about the packaging of their demos and don't send only CD-R's. If I had to locate Incorporea, it wouldn't be on their natural location but more in the north, starting with Sweden, and on a register between the most sinister Black Metal and the most atmospheric Doom. Any ideas come to your mind? Some of mine, starting with the first recordings of KATATONIA, but other bands forgotten nowadays, like OPHTALAMIA for example, even if on that they built a sound which reminds me especially of CELESTIA or PESTE NOIRE, for the gloomy and slightly theatrical ambience that gives the impression of being in front of a funeral march. Anyway, those influences don't appear all along the recording (the French ones I mean), they are more present on the first and third song, and don't appear at all on the second one. Generally, what we have here is a slow and agonic tempo, with a layer of chords that gives the raw and depressive approach necessary to let the melodies arrive and easily wrap you with its melancholy. Those chords I mentioned not only are one more layer and they have a vital importance at the time of creating the spectral and slightly noisy atmosphere along all the recording, just like BURZUM or lots of other bands used it. But in the case of INCORPOREA, I see the difference in the fact they are not limited to the monotonous sound which use, for example, XASTHUR, and this is the achievement of the melodies and the vocals, which are not at all repetitive and uninspired as it usually happens with this style. This is where I see again the approach to the French scene (and KATATONIA too), as they know how to transmit the sadness, desolation and emptiness, only because of its intonation. It seems easy, but it isn't. Sincerelly, this surprised me a lot, I hope they will keep on working because I'm sure they will awake the interest of some people. A really important contribution to the Spanish Black / Doom scene.

Jeroni Sancho

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