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(Black Lung Productions)

Ahhhh, it feels so good to have these guys back in action after so many years!! If you belong to the unfortunate species who are cursed by the fact that you were born a little too late to still remember these Californian Death / Thrashers make sure to check out Laurent's review on the re-issue of their classic "Death After Death" album (on top of this) for all further details. Everyone else just needs to know that INSANITY are finally in the process of recording a brand new album and this three song promo CD-R is a little taste of things to come. The material featured on here ('Sacrefixion', 'Blind' and 'Mortification') still has the good old raging feel to it and luckily isn't infected by any pseudo aggressive NU Metal bullshit at all! This is pure aggressive stuff in the typical INSANITY style and even features original drummer Bud Mills again (which is certainly gonna please Laurent, haha!)! And even though the guys probably won't manage to outdo their old classics, this is still highly promising and it certainly blows away most of todays releases. On my request INSANITY mainman Dave Gorsuch kindly sent me the following info about their current situation: "These are three of the first bunch of songs completed that we are doing for a second full length release. They were done at the recording studio I work at and I recorded, mixed and produced it myself with the help of the other engineer at the studio who helped me on drum-basics and on my vocals. We have 3 or 4 more songs to record with drums and everything else, then we'll be done with the full CD. We will be looking for a label or distribution company to help release it but we've just started that process and there is more work to be done in the studio." The band's line-up nowadays (besides Dave on guitar / vocals and Bud on drums) consists of Scott Dodge on guitar and Lou Gilberto on bass / vocals. So, let's hope that an established company will finally pick up these masters of brutality nowaydays and give them the massive support and distribution that they already should've gotten back in the 80s! Contact: INSANITY, c/o Black Lung Productions, 714 North Claremont St. # 3, San Mateo, CA 94401, USA,,

Frank Stöver

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