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Radikální Ateismus - Tvurcum Nadcloveka
(Deathgasm Records)

Just take a look at the name. Then try to decipher the title. Yes, it is all done in old Czech language. Enter KULT OFENZIVY a mysterious band from the Czech Republic, with their second album. Information on the band is rather occult, as the band member does not want to be known. The music is pretty much Norwegian influenced Black Metal, sung in that guttural language that gives it that strange edge and a more malevolent sound to it. They do remind me a bit to STINY PLAMENU, but whereas the aforementioned add more Heavy Metal and old Thrash Metal into their music, this band keeps it quite simple and sometimes repeats the riffs so much they are like trance inducing. Maybe I would dare to say that VON comes to mind for the drum structure that is very similar from song to song. In fact the whole album sounds quite similar. And that might be the first thing that comes to mind, it all sounds too damn similar, from song to song, and the way the riffs are created and executed does tends to sound like "I have hard that riff before... here on another song or with some other band... the same riff... I can swear that." And although this gets a nice guitar sound, the drum sound in particular, and the snare drum specially does at times have an irritating acoustic that tends to become tiresome, add to that a very simplistic drum pattern from song to song and it can give headache. DARKTHRONE and BURZUM might also appear as some influence, although the vocals are more cavernous in the case of this Czech Occult band, and actually I quite enjoy them. After a couple more spins some of the riffs and ideas can be appreciated a bit better, but the fact is that even if this is a short album it becomes tiring and a bit boring. I am sure that fans of more simple and trance inducing Black Metal will find this band good, but on the other hand, others will think it is way too simple and not exciting. As what they deal with the lyrics remains a mystery unless you speak their native language. But it seems that they will please those looking for darkness and occult philosophies. They do have a potential I can sense, but ye, they have to develop it. It is just that damn drum sounds that is getting on my nerves. And I sense that probably, that was the idea. Now you have been warned. Offensive it is.,

Julián Núńez

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