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Finger Food Fetish For The Morbidly Abnormal
(Razorback Recordings)

Sick, downtuned and damn heavy old school Gore / Death / Grind from "Down Under" offer KUTABARE whose most infamous member is probably Damon Bloodstorm whom one might know from his work with the mighty ABOMINATOR. He is responsible for the disgusting toilet-gurgle vocals - you know... stick your head into the toilet bowl and start to growl - which grow extraordinarily monotonous after a while, but people who like that vocal-style might have no problem with that. I have and it ruins the otherwise pretty good impression the album left behind. Musically KUTABARE's sound is dominated by very heavy guitar sounds, relatively simple riffs which sometimes made me think of MORTICIAN and tempo-wise you'll get a good balance between speedy parts and midtempo "nod your head"-stuff. Mark McCormack, who also produced the latest ABOMINATOR and GOSPEL OF THE HOPRNS albums, mixed "Finger Food..." and did a pretty good job in making the band sound like a more varied version of MORTICIAN just with toilet-growls instead of extra-deep-growls and of course KUTABARE do not use a drum PC but a person made of human flesh. KUTABARE are just a solid gory Death / Grind band with the typical intros, the typical musical elements, the typical funny songtitles and might be cool for total die-hard-fans of this genre, maybe the vocals pissed me off a little too much, but this band is not really as great as I had hoped. Visit the Razorback Records website and check out the MP3-file posted there, maybe you'll enjoy it, because KUTABARE are definitely sick, but you have to decide if that is enough...

Stefan Franke

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