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Chapter Omega

I don't know whether I recall this occasion correctly, but I vaguely remember having witnessed LUNAR ECLIPSE live on stage some time ago somewhere in Oldenburg - my home town. One picture or scenic sequence that somehow got stuck in my mind is the impressive appearance of the vocalist. He kind of contributed this certain special bit in this output... deep grunts and heaviness. So now I can enjoy the sonic impression of this combo on CD. What to say...? LUNAR ECLIPSE rather indulge in mid-paced compositions, quite deep guitars, every now and then a so-called CANNIBAL CORPSE blast beat, meaning that the drummer hits the ride-cymbal and snare simultaneously. Parallels that might suffice to mediate this combo's sound? Hmmm, the guitars remind me of MINDROT, occasionally CROWBAR (due to depth and heaviness), maybe a bit of SIX FEET UNDER here and there. So basically kind of doomy material when it comes to the guitars. The sound of the guitars is quite aggressive and genuine. Every once in a while there are some supportive and melodic leads, definitely not a major element in LUNAR ECLIPSE's sound. The bass guitar contributes low-frequent power - no filigree structures, just sheer power. The drums sound grotty I must say... I am not 100% certain, but the snare sounds like it's been triggered (which isn't understandable unless you play in a band like HATE ETERNAL...). If this is not the case I am sorry --- but still the snare and toms sound awful. The vocalist sounds cool, but he should modulate his voice a bit more, otherwise this component becomes boring. All in all, this record is a positive experience, no major flaws, good recording quality (done by the guys themselves), the musicianship is not exceptional, but rustic. Definitely music that is worthwhile being listened to. So support these lunies... Contact:

F. Cthulhu E.

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