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Between Wisdom And Lunacy
(Twilight Vertrieb)

To put the resume at the beginning - MIDWINTER are no longer a promising newcomer, their second release is an outstanding example of how to play excellent Black / Dark Metal, covering the whole spectrum of this genre, from slow to fast, from melancholic to aggressive, from melodic to brutal. All songs are done with mixed vocals, mostly a fusion between shrieks and grunts, but also clear voices and chantings can be heard. The guitar-work is outstanding, be it typical Black Metal or more traditional Metal, and the keyboards are more than just support, instead they are equal to the other instruments. The song writing of each song and the album in total is simply astonishing, because it takes the listener on a journey through the realm of MIDWINTER. It does not happen very often that a band manages to form such an union of vocals, guitars, keyboards and drums. Of course each song got a different center, but within all songs the above mentioned trademarks are there. Some well dosed samples are added, long enough to underline the atmosphere, yet so short to not lose sight of the music itself. The opener 'No Gods Have Built My Sky' is an good example of the amazing song writing, a track like 'Song Inside' breeds from a fine keyboard melody, 'Thorns Of Ice' is classical Black Metal, reminding me of LUNAR AURORA, due to the same desperate, gloomy atmosphere and the German lyrics. An epic, chanting chorus in the vein of MANOWAR / HAMMERFALL can be heard on 'Where Steel Is Born' and 'Dragonrock' (nomen est omen) surprises with more Rock'n'Roll like rhythms. Those are just a few highlights on "Between Wisdom And Lunacy", every song is a tremendous piece of great music. No fillers here, just killers.

Mirco Szymyslik

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