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Misery's Omen
(Bindrune Recordings)

Blackened sounds from the land downunder - namely Australia is what we have here but wait - this is not the known War Metal out to conquer at raging pace, this time it is something different. "Abysmal Progressive Black Metal" is what this three piece consisting of Malificunt Pope Choker (Arachnid Time Keeper Weaving Webs of Syncopated Horror), D. E. M. O. N. (Deeply Drawn Thunderous Harping Strings & Hacking Vocalls) and Arganoth Doom (Despairingly Woeful Strings of Twisted Insomnia & Salted Wound Vocalls) labels its creations... and indeed, this material is definitely not your usual necro-snack between some arson and a black mass! This six - song CD features all previous recordings on one disc, namely all four songs of their self titled demo from 2000 as well as two compositions released by Hellflame Productions as the "To Worship Stone Gods" EP. Musically they are rooted in Black Metal for sure but their songs branch out into the realms of Death and Doom as well, containing a unique vibe, perhaps roughly comparable to FLEURITY ("Min Tid..." era) . Handling of the instruments is clearly given and surely above average - sorrowful and melancholic guitar melodies are accompanied by independent bass lines and and well - thought drum patterns. The compositions range from very calm and moody passages (some accoustic guitar is to be heard) to twisted, rhythmically diverse structures leading into fast parts and back again. One thing that might deter some listeners may be the exalted, sometimes dramatic and hysteric vocalls (fitting adjective somehow) that sometimes fall into high pitched moaning apart from coarse almost spoken bits, screams and deep grunts... like the instumentation the vocal delivery is very varied. Definitely no chance for boredom here! So if any of the above mentioned bands (add ABSU, BETHLEHEM and VED BUENS ENDE for the sake of uniqueness and vague orientation) is your favourite sacrificial chalice or if you are simply openminded I recommend you to have a listen and check the mp3 on their homepage. After a while I got accustomed to the whole mixture and I even think I would have bought this one but as tastes vary a great time... An new album called "Hope Dies" is on its way, also to be released on Bindrune Recordings that head for unique and expressive artists solely. Contact MISERY'S OMEN: c/o Arganoth, PO Box 182, Ingle Farm SA, 5098 Australia, email:, homepage: Label contact: Bindrune Recordings, PO Box 426, Mayfield, MI 49666 USA, email:, homepage:

Ulrich Kreienbrink

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