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An Act Of Violence
(Slaney Records / Mosh Tunage)

I guess not many Metalheads out there are familiar with this premier Irish Thrash commando even though the band might be one of the more well known acts coming from that place. MORAL CRUSADE from Dublin shared the same fate like many other bands in the genre at that time 'cause their debut album simply had quite a bad timing for its initial release date. Thrash Metal wasn't that much in big demand anymore back in 1990 and the scene witnessed the rise of a huge Death Metal storm over our rottened planet. "An Act Of Violence" was originally released on vinyl only by C.M.F.T. Records (the same label that puked out the first full length by TIAMAT) and it is unneccessary to mention that the version on black gold is not easy to find nowadays. So Slaney Records joined forces with Mosh Tunage and banned the album for the first time ever on CD. The nine tracker was enhanced with the band's one and only demo tape "Immoral Conditions" from 1988 (some of the tracks made it also onto the album in revamped versions). The quartet sounds pretty much influenced by Teutonic Thrash forces and the typical suspicious bands from the Bay Area (e.g. by the riffing and the use of gang shouts in their choruses). Their material is not worse or better in quality than a lot of other squads sitting in the 2nd or 3rd row offered back in those days. You get some crunchy and angry Thrashers which are crafted well but don't expect too sophisticated stuff here. But the honest assaults compensate the minor flaws in the performance / songwriting and the little bit thin, rumbling production of the album with its raw nature supports that mission quite well. MORAL CRUSADE delivers a few nice straight in your face headbanging tunes like 'Premediated Murder' or "Streetwise" with a more Teutonic Thrash approach in the guitar department. As far as the demo is concerned it is presented a bit rougher (but still in a good, decent sound quality), more energetic and violent as tracks like 'Slaughter Of The Inocence' or 'Killing For Kicks' prove which both unfortunately didn't make it onto the regular album set. Also the Bay Area style is not so present on the "Immoral Conditions" tape. I can't help but I personally enjoy the demo a little bit more than the actual longplayer "An Act Of Violence". The packaging is done carefully and features liner notes and rare photos from the band's archives. To sum it up: this compilation is a cool nostalgic trip back in time and their stuff is at least always good for a spin in your CD player. Headbangers into (obscure) 80s Thrash Metal should at least check these Irish lads out. For more info, like sound samples etc. get in touch with the label here:

Michael Oelschlegel

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