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Symmetry Of Delirium
(Deity Down Records)

How many techno-brutal Death Metal bands do we really need? I used to like a few technical elements in music, until I found out that too much was, well, too much. Technical Death Metal, Mathcore and such things, are good to show off how good a player is... but at this time and age, where computers can make your average band to sound like a 10 hours a day rehearsed band, that is really irrelevant. 15 years ago, doing something like this takes a lot of attitude... nowadays it takes just a lot of bits. Really. And while this Italian band sounds like they have mastered their instruments long time ago, and they have a heavy, almost synthetic production, too damn good to be true, the fact is that I get lost between the weird arrangements and their monotonous vocalist. On one hand they try to follow the brutal American Death Metal way, you know CANNIBAL CORPSE, SUFFOCATION, the more technical MORBID ANGEL things, and touches of CYRPTOPSY. On the other they just wanted to show how many riffs and rhythm changes can be done in a song. I think you get the idea. The guitars are heavy and up-front and the drums sound really fantastic, if I must give credit to the band is that the production is very good, but then it also does sound way too perfect to be true. After a few listening some riffs tend to make sense, but then again, if I play this one on random, things sound all similar. Now, very few bands can come out playing a very high and technical form of music, with NECROPHAGIST does a great work in a similar style, but they also try to make things sound more coherent and straightforward. I am sure there must be some fans for this kind of style, but again it is so limited and really soulless, that most of the bands like in this case, sound the same and without a real identity. Some few riffs sounded to me like PANTERA in essence, and that is exactly some of the stuff I do not want in my Death Metal to be included. The opener song 'The Scourge' ended up being the best one on this, but things get a bit denser, and at the end you are left with 'Delirum' running at exactly 10:00 minutes which is basically a 5 minute song and then other 5 minutes of noises, silence, and there a quite sinister outro. This is the kind of Death Metal that will pass on unnoticed; no matter how high are their playing skills. I want my music to be more soul than damn body.

Julián Núńez

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